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About Us

Sweet Treats by Jasmine

is a business solely dedicated to making the most delicious tasting cakes and treats for every family to enjoy.

Here at Sweet Treats by Jasmine everything is made from scratch.

Yes, we said it!!! Everything is homemade, from cake batters, fillings, frostings, etc. We take pride in our baked goods and using QUALITY ingredients is an absolute MUST.

By using quality ingredients, you can say goodbye to those not-so-pleasant preservative tasting cakes and frostings that we have all experienced at least once before.

While quality/pure ingredients can be expensive, we believe it is worth it. It changes everything from taste, aesthetic, and even smell! Yum!

Sweet Treats by Jasmine specializes in cakes but offers other treat options as well. From cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered Oreos, you name it we got you covered!

People may ask, why do specialty cakes cost more than grocery store cakes? Because our cakes are custom-made based on your request! The filling and icing are made fresh, specifically for every cake and it can take hours to create from making icing and cake batter, to baking, decoration, and clean up.

Grocery store and “super store” cakes are made with frozen cake and pre-made icing from a tub that is often shipped to the store and most often they are made assembly line style. 

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Commonly Asked Questions


We cannot tell you when but we would just say, when you are ready to lock in your date. Keep in mind, dates are first come first serve. So, the sooner the better! We cannot guarantee that a date which is open right now, will still be open an hour from now. Our slots fill up that fast!


Because all our cakes are completely custom made, a precise price list is extremely difficult to publish. However, keep in mind that the intricacy of the design, cake flavor, filling and the number of servings usually determine the price. The more detailed, complicated and time consuming the cake is, the greater price range you will be looking at.

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Sweet Treats by Jasmine

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